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A little birdie told me: JAX London super early bird special ends today!

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Snag up this offer before it’s gone! JAX London 2018 is going to be a blast, and you can save big on your tickets to the hottest Java conference. The super early bird special ends today, so come see what the buzz is all about.

The early bird catches the worm, but the super early bird saves up to £494! 

We are revving up in preparation for JAX London this October 8 – 11, 2018 at the Business Design Centre in London. The schedule is filling up with plenty of key-notes, sessions, and workshops with topics from Java to microservices to DevOps. Now is the time for you to get the lowest ticket price possible. The super early bird ends today, June 7!

There are several different kinds of tickets available, so no matter what your needs are there is sure to be a deal that fits you. We offer group discounts and a 25% discount rate for freelancers, so whether you’re part of a company traveling together out of the office, or a on-the-go freelancer you can save some cash.

Got a question? Get an answer!

This year we are presenting something special. Have any burning questions that you’d like to ask any of the speakers of JAX London?

We are opening the doors to the JAXenter community and allowing you to ask our speakers questions about their area of expertise. This AMA is sure to be full of head-scratching questions that will have some very enlightening answers. Check out our form and submit your question! (And please, keep things respectful! Our speakers are intelligent and well-spoken, and while we would love to hear whether they’d rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck, we’d also love to get the answers to some on-topic questions.)

Throwback sessions: Now streaming!

Missed JAX enter 2017? You can watch the 10 best JAX London sessions and whet your appetite for what 2018 has to bring.

Some topics that were covered in 2017 include: Deep learning anomalies with TensorFlow and Apache Spark, better software development through stress, Agile machine learning, server-side Swift for Java developers, and how to jump-start your microservices development with Java EE.

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Six Tracks: No filler, just quality

Interested in the JAX London program? Check out a preview and start blocking off your schedule to make sure you don’t miss any workshops, sessions, and keynotes!

Java Core & Languages

The programming landscape keeps changing and evolving! Stay ahead of the current by meeting with top-notch speakers and experts and network with the community. Keep up and get hands on experience with Java programming, frameworks, and libraries. Learn the best practices with Java champions and worldwide masterminds. This track will help sync your skillset to the requirements of the future of programming languages.

Agile & Communication

Agile methodologies in software engineering have been brought into the mainstream. They are the reason why teams are much more powerful, but with solutions come new challenges that need creative solutions. At the same time, the agile virus is infecting more and more departments of digital-oriented organizations —its reach has exceeded the boundaries of software engineering and can now be found in a plethora of industries. Catch a sneak peek into the changes that have shaped the corporate culture and a helping hand with the process of becoming fully agile.

Software Architecture & Design

Building software is hard. Especially now that we are shifting towards new paradigms such as the cloud, serverless architectures, or highly available and resilient systems. In the Software Architecture & Design track you’ll learn how to handle today’s technology challenges and gain insight into the dos and don’ts, ups and downs of modern software architecture.


Grain down your monolith. As modularity takes big steps on the world, you should transform with microservices. How to plan for modularity, what patterns to apply, which framework to use and finally, how to keep evolving. Develop your skills in topics like asynchronism, Domain-driven design, and agile architecture.

Cloud & Modern Infrastructure

After decades of being isolated, it’s now vital for developers to integrate the relevant architectural structures like containers, cloud platforms, and going serverless into a modern tech infrastructure. New tools are added by the day to the developer’s toolbox, from deployment and security to monitoring and management. This track is all about these new platforms and tools, and it is tailored for the experienced Java developer and software architect.

DevOps & Continuous Delivery

DevOps’ transformative power derives from the fact that it’s simultaneously occurring on a technological, procedural, and cultural level. Aligning business, development, and operations leads to extraordinary new heights of high performance and agility. Get deep insights in the lessons learned from the pioneers of the DevOps movement!

Don’t hesitate! Get your super early bird tickets before the deal is over and catch that proverbial worm!

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