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Programming community set to meet at JAX London community night

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JAX London

As the developer community prepares for a major European conference event, programmers from all over the UK are signing up for a free community night and panel discussion on business and technology.

This coming Tuesday night (October 13), developers, architects and major tech employers from all over Europe will meet at the JAX London community night to discuss programming trends over a few drinks.

Afterwards, with the help of present community members, speakers Adrian Colyer, John Davies and Tim Berglund will attempt to answer the question “What value does technology have for businesses?” in an open discussion. Anyone who hasn’t yet registered can sign up for free on the JAX London website.

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JAXLondon_Meetup_Webseite_1024x512_31767_v2Conference organisers have also again announced a conference app to provide main conference attendees with the latest news, schedule updates and conference giveaways – again available for iOS and Android devices.

The latest in DevOps

“Companies who still think in terms of 9-18 months delivery cycles are bringing a knife to an on-demand era gunfight,” says Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder CloudBees, the Enterprise Jenkins company.


From 1 RPM to 1,000 – a Sacha Labourey keynote

The former JBoss CTO will appear at the JAX London conference in October for a keynote on “Success in a Software-Defined Economy“. At this stage, we’re all well aware that ‘software is eating the world’. Today’s companies are realising that IT needs to be an integral part of business. That’s why Labourey’s keynote will focus on explaining how Jenkins-based DevOps and Continuous Delivery approaches are transforming software delivery processes to achieve dramatic improvements in overall speed, quality and business unit satisfaction.

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In other conference news, the conference team has rounded off the program by welcoming two new speakers to this year’s JAX speaker list: Java Champion Stephen Colebourne will be educating attendees on Java 8 best practices, while Google developer advocate Ray Tsang will lead two how-to sessions on the topics of Java-based microservices, containers and Kubernetes Autoscalers.

The Conference for Software Masterminds.

JAX London is a 3 day conference in London for JAVA developers and enterprise level professionals with attendees from across the globe. We bring together the world’s leading JAVA, JVM experts and innovators to share their ideas and experience. Join us for inspiring keynotes, insightful talks and hands-on workshops, 12th – 14th October 2015 in London.
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