JAX London 2019 has begun: “Microsoft is now a Java shop”

Hartmut Schlosser

JAX London 2019 has started! With a look at the current Java ecosystem, program chair Sebastian Meyen opened the conference for Java & Software Innovation. In the following keynote, Marc Burgauer stressed the importance of building a culture of trust in software development teams.

The real star(s) of the Java platform

Who is the real star of the Java platform? According to Sebastian Meyen, initiator of the JAX conferences and program director of JAX London 2019, it is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which has been responsible for the cross-platform execution of Java bytecode for years. First released in 2006 and officially included in the JDK since Java 7, it has long since been optimized for performance and stability. But not necessarily for the requirements of the cloud, where fast startup times and low memory consumption are required.

Sebastian Meyen is opening JAX London 2019

But there is not a challenge in the Java ecosystem for which a solution is not already being worked on. GraalVM could close the gap and make Java fit for cloud-native applications. With GraalVM, bytecode JIT compilation is abandoned and native binary files that can do without installed JRE are made possible. Numerous sessions at JAX London inform the participants about the current status of the GraalVM project.

The second point which Sebastian Meyen emphasized in his opening speech: Microsoft and Java. On the one hand, the new release cadence for Java versions has increased the speed of innovation for Java. On the other hand, due to the fact that Oracle now offers only 6 months of free support for current Java versions, but only commercial support for long-term releases, an ecosystem of alternative Java distributions has emerged.

Amazon Corretto, Zulu Community JDK, Red Hat’s OpenJDK builds and AdoptOpenJDK are some of them. And now the exciting fact: The strong company behind AdoptOpenJDK, jClarity, was recently acquired by Microsoft. This acquisition is just the tip of the iceberg and shows Microsoft’s efforts to gain a foothold in the Java community. Numerous well-known Java developers and Java champions now earn their living at Microsoft. Open source technologies like GitHub also belong to Microsoft and point to the new direction of offering solutions for ALL developers – e.g. also for Java developers in the Azure Cloud.

“Microsoft is now a Java shop”, comments Sebastian Meyen, and evaluates the whole thing positively: “It is always good when industry giants stand behind Java.” We are all eager to see how things will continue here.

Trust starts with trusting

Marc Burgauer in his JAX London keynote: “What’s the worst that can happen?

In his keynote, Agile Coach Marc Burgauer asked the question about the cohesion in a development team. For him, everything revolves around trust. “Trust is the metric that best reflects the quality of our relationships and our social relationships”, he stated. It is in an environment of trust where individuals can open up, discuss their own mistakes and learn from each other.

But how can we create an environment of trust?

Trust begins with trusting, says Burgauer. If you do not give a leap of faith, if you do not run the risk of disappointment, it will be difficult to gain trust from the other side.

“What is trust? Choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the action of someone else”, was Burgauer’s message to take away from his inspiring opening keynote.

JAX London takes place until Thursday, October 10, 2019. JAXenter is on site and reporting live from the event.

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