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JAX London 2018 program preview: Count down the days with Big Ben

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The program preview for JAX London 2018 is up and looking great! The talks are varied, the tracks are exciting, and we are crossing off our calendar one day at a time. Take a look at the scheduled keynotes, sessions, and workshops and join like-minded professionals from October 8-11, 2018 in London.

It’s May, so you might be scheduling your summer vacation and thinking about the beach on a warm tropical island. Hold that thought. What about London on a crisp autumn day? October isn’t so far away! JAX London 2018 is coming. On October 8-11, 2018 at the Business Design Expo in London, the four-day conference will teach, inspire, and bring together cutting-edge professionals. With over 60 workshops, sessions, and keynotes and 6 different tracks, JAX London will be buzzing with a variety of speakers from across the world. Take a peak at the program for JAX London 2018 and start planning your program today.

Preparing pays off. The super early bird special can save you up to £494. This savings ends on June 7th, so be sure to snag it while you still can.

Conference tracks – 6 paths to walk

This year we have six different conference tracks to choose from with their own unique offerings. There are sessions already planned and as we get closer to October, more news and information will be posted. Take a look and start browsing!

Java Core & Languages

Good old Java got some new moves! It might be 22 years old; but it`s still turning the software world around. The programming landscape keeps changing and evolving as fast as never before – can you keep up? Get hands-on experience on Java programming, frameworks and libraries. Meet speakers from leading tech companies: Oracle, IBM, and OpenGamma. Learn with Java Champions and worldwide masterminds of Java. Connect with your peers and overcome the hurdles that keep you from reaching the next level. Sync your skillset to the requirements of the future of Java programming. Here’s some sessions in this tracks that you can check out:

Agile & Communication

Are you fully agile? Agile methodologies in software engineering have been brought into the mainstream. They are the reason why teams are much more powerful, but with solutions come new challenges that need creative solutions. At the same time, the agile virus is infecting more and more departments of digital-oriented organizations —its reach has exceeded the boundaries of software engineering and can now be found in a plethora of industries. Do you know what it means to create an agile company culture and promote agile values? We’re offering you a sneak peek into the changes that have shaped the corporate culture and a helping hand with the process of becoming fully agile. Take a preview of some available sessions in this track:

Software Architecture & Design

Building software is hard. Especially now that we are shifting towards new paradigms such as the cloud, serverless architectures, or highly available and resilient systems. In the Software Architecture & Design track you’ll learn how to handle today’s technology challenges and gain insight into the dos and don’ts, ups and downs of modern software architecture. Caution: Since good software architecture relies on working communication, there will be soft skills in this track. We brought you a preview of some sessions:


Microservices, the savior in the chaos! Grain down your monolith. As modularity takes big steps on the world, you should transform with microservices. This track will teach you how to plan for modularity, what patterns to apply, which frameworks to use and finally, how to keep evolving. Learn how to develop your skills in topics like asynchronism, Domain-driven Design and agile architecture. Meet speakers from leading tech companies like Siemens AG, Atomist and Google and discover how to develop fine-grained and lightweighted applications. What kind of sessions will this track have? Take a sneak peak:

Cloud & Modern Infrastructure

Application developers have entered a new era with the advent of cloud technology. After decades of being isolated, it’s now vital for developers to integrate the relevant architectural structures like containers, cloud platforms, and going serverless into a modern tech infrastructure. New tools are added by the day to the developer’s toolbox, from deployment and security to monitoring and management. This track is all about these new platforms and tools, and it is tailored for the experienced Java developer and software architect. Review some of the available sessions in this track:

DevOps & Continuous Delivery

DevOps’ transformative power derives from the fact that it’s simultaneously occurring on a technological, procedural, and cultural level. Aligning business, development, and operations leads to extraordinary new heights of high performance and agility. Get deep insights in the lessons learned from the pioneers of the DevOps movement! More is yet to come, but take a look at some of the sessions already posted:

The JAX London 2018 program will continue to grow as new workshops, sessions, and keynotes are added. For now, sink your teeth into a preview of these two workshops:

JAX London 2018 workshop preview

This workshop covers Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) messaging concepts and technologies including demos and hands-on exercises with RabbitMQ, Spring and Docker. Attendees need to bring a laptop with JDK 1.8+, Maven 3.3+ and Developer Text Editor (e.g. Sublime) or IDE (e.g. IntelliJ, Eclipse). The workshop leader Jeremy Deane has over 21 years of software engineering experience in leadership positions. His expertise includes Enterprise Application Integration, Web Application Architecture, and Software Process Improvement.

Apache Kafka is a de facto standard streaming data processing platform, being widely deployed as a messaging system, and having a robust data integration framework (Kafka Connect) and stream processing API (Kafka Streams) to meet the needs that common attend real-time message processing. But there’s more! Kafka now offers KSQL, a declarative, SQL-like stream processing language that lets you define powerful stream-processing applications easily. What once took some moderately sophisticated Java code can now be done at the command line with a familiar and eminently approachable syntax. In this workshop, you’ll get a thorough introduction to Apache Kafka, learn to understand what sort of architectures it supports, and most importantly, use the exciting new KSQL language to write real-time stream processing applications.


Learn more about JAX London 2018 and book your tickets today. We hope to see you there!


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