JAX London 2010 Roundup


The first ever JAX conference hosted in London took place last week. A big thank you to all who attended and helped to make the event such a success!

220 delegates attended, enjoying up to four concurrent sessions on topics ranging from Groovy, to agile, to Spring, Ruby, Enterprise and Architecture; and even highly specific sessions on toolkits such as Gant, Pax Exam, and Gaelyk. There was also a full program of OSGi-related content, as JAX London welcomed OSGi DevCon London 2010, as the official partners of JAX. There were speakers panels, debating hot topics such as which language will succeed Java, and delving into the finer details of OSGi development.

The keynotes included an emotive talk on Iconoclasm by Ted Neward, which saw him take us on a comprehensive tour of Iconoclasts throughout history – from the ‘Man With A Sledge Hammer,’ John Henry, to famous chess-master Garry Kaspoarov – before bringing it all back to board rooms and meetings at modern-day IT firms. There was a similarly entertaining keynote delivered by Liferay, where Bryan Cheyung took attendees on a unique, ‘rags to riches’ journey through the company’s history – warts and all. Possibly the only keynote that proposed “desk shrinking” as a legitimate expansion option, and featured slides of hovering police search helicopters!

For the more hands-on developer, there were tutorials on applying different languages to JavaServer Faces applications; how to build a twitter clone in sixty minutes; how to build scalable applications on a notebook; and a comprehensive package of OSGi-related tutorials, the most advanced of which aimed to get attendees writing a service orientated design that would be implementable on an OSGi service platform.

For those eager to relive their JAX London 2010 experience, there are plenty of related articles popping up around the blogosphere. On Wednesday, Alex Buckley of Oracle delivered a talk on the technical issues involved in modularising the JDK and the relationship of a modular JDK to JSR 294 and the Jigsaw modular system. A write up of his talk, is now available at Chris Brind’s blog.

The slides used at the OSGi DevCon keynote on OSGi in the Enterprise, are available for viewing at Kirk Knoernschild’s blog and Marc Palmer has provided an online re-enactment of his ‘Yes, you CAN use grails’ talk – which features a voiceover, in addition to the slides he used during his talk.

If Alois Reitbauer’s talks on Low Hanging Fruits for Optimising JEE Performance and his twenty minute snippet of AJAX-related goodness whetted your appetite, then be sure to check out his blog post on JAX, which includes a recommended further reading list.

Of course, a good way to judge an event is through twitter. Below, is a quick roundup of JAX London, as seen through twitter:

Bye #jaxlondon Had some interesting conversations about #javafx and #javaee. #liferay – one of the best keynotes I heard. (via @AdamBien)

back from the very interesting #jaxlondon. Dan North’s final talk on “Responsible Architectures” was the best finale!

#jaxlondon what I liked best is talking to so many interesting people.

#jaxlondon was a lot of fun. Learned something about CSP in #gpars.

tedneward reject the “Goal of reuse”(until you have written the same system thrice) #jaxlondon

And there was some twitter controversy at JAX London, mostly centred around the conference’s Architecture-related talks:

#jaxlondon architecture track starts – I’ll misuse my 15 min intro to make some unsubstantiated claims about architecture (via @stilkov)

“If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture” B. Footer, J. Yoder, according to @KevlinHenney #jaxlondon

@stilkov Architects should code, but should not be on the critical path. (via @KevlinHenney) #jaxlondon

Successful architectures use few technologies #jaxlondon (via @KevlinHenney)

That’s not to say the good old fashioned Language Wars debate didn’t raise its head at JAX London:

I really had a hard time keeping my mouth shut during @tedneward‘s Clojure intro, thus looking forward to tonight’s panel at #jaxlondon

A number of the sessions were recorded, and will be available online soon. Please keep checking back for further info!

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