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JAX Innovation Awards 2016: There is still time to submit your nominations!

JAXenter Editorial Team

Do you know a technology, company, organization or person that has brought significant innovation to the Java ecosystem? Nominations for the JAX Innovation Awards 2016 are still open, and we’re looking to celebrate those who promote open innovation in the field of the Java Platform and related technologies.

This year marks JAX Innovation Awards’ 10th anniversary of promoting open innovation in the field of the Java Platform and related technologies. It rewards the most innovative contributions in the shape of technology, idea, documentation, industry impact, community engagement, etc.

As we celebrate a decade of recognizing and rewarding true value, we are once again joining forces with our special jury to put the spotlight on those who inspire and innovate.

The JAX Innovation Awards categories

This year’s JAX Innovation Awards include the following categories:

pokalMost Innovative contribution to the Java ecosystem 
This category aims to compliment the achievements of both the heavyweights of the Java ecosystem and the field’s newcomers. The emphasis ranges from data stores, language features, frameworks to JVM languages, tools and more.

pokalMost Innovative solution to software delivery & DevOps 
This category rewards technologies, companies, organizations and/or individuals that conceive groundbreaking solutions to promote any of the following areas: DevOps, Continuous Delivery, cloud and/or container technologies.

pokalJAX Special Jury Award

This award celebrates exceptional achievements by a visionary individual, community or company (not open for community voting)

Our mission is a simple one; we want to promote open innovation in the field of the Java Platform and related technologies and reward the most innovative contributions in the shape of technology, idea, documentation, industry impact, community engagement, etc.

Stay tuned! We will shortly announce the jury members!

Visit the JAX Innovation Awards 2016 official page to submit your favorite candidates by August 28, 2016 and learn more about the JAX Innovation Awards. Everyone is invited to submit their nominations — you can either celebrate your own achievements and vote for yourself or reward someone else’s accomplishments.

The winners will be announced at the JAX London conference, taking place on October 10-12 in London, United Kingdom.

A look back at JAX 2015 winners

Most innovative open technology in 2015: Akka

akkaLast year, the community decided for Akka, a toolkit and runtime for concurrent, distributed and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM, which has taken the community by storm since its release in 2010.

Akka Team Lead Roland Kuhn was there to receive the award. Akka’s founder Jonas Bonér said he was “happy and honored” to receive such an award. “On behalf of the Akka Team I want to thank everyone that voted for Akka. We are so grateful to have such an amazing–passionate, engaged and positive–community.”

Most innovative Java technology in 2015: Java 8

Having already been selected for a Special Jury Award in 2014, Java 8’s popularity spread throughout the community. javaAccepting the award at the JAX Innovation Awards ceremony was Brian Goetz, Oracle’s Java language architect.

“Java SE 8 has been a huge success,” said Goetz. “We want to thank all those who contributed – the developer community, our partners in the OpenJDK and JCP communities, and all the engineers at Oracle who worked to make it a reality. Java SE 8 was the first release planned and executed under Oracle stewardship and reflects our continued investment in the Java platform and ecosystem. We are very pleased to see the positive community response and the fast adoption of Java SE 8.”

Special Jury Award: Netflix OSS

netflix awardLast year’s JAX Award jury was entirely unanimous in its selection for the Special Jury Award. Although the jury had many worthy tech achievements to consider, there was an overwhelming consensus that the pioneering work from Netflix’s developer team has had a huge influence on innovation in IT.

The Netflix engineering team accepted the award via video speech, with Netflix Senior Software Engineer Andrew Spyker saying it was an “honor” to accept the award on behalf of all Netflix open source developers. Netflix’s Ben Christensen thanked all those who contributed to the Netflix projects. “It has resulted in our projects being of much higher quality than if we had kept them internal.”

“I’d also like to thank our users,” added Clay McCoy from the Netflix team. “Our projects have been helped tremendously by a user base that has tested our code through scenarios that we just don’t have internally.”

The winners of JAX Innovation Awards 2014 were Vert.x (Most Innovative Java Technology), Docker (Most Innovative Open Technology), Hazelcast (Most Innovative Open Tech Business) and JDK8 (Special Jury Award).

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