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JAX Finance is almost upon us with the coolest topics in FinTech and we would hate for you to miss it! Get your Early Bird ticket before the offer expires on March 8th!

JAX Finance is a four-day conference for software experts focusing on the specific technological needs of the financial industry. Topics such as low latency, messaging, exchange architecture, as well as core Java technologies and continuous delivery, are at the heart of this conference.

This year’s conference will take place this April 9th – 12th and it offers a FinTech-dedicated track that highlights JAXenter’s strive to deliver cutting-edge innovation.  But the hottest topic in JAX Finance 2018 is undoubtedly the biggest thing in FinTech nowadays: Blockchain! Either you are in need of a 101 session on Ethereum or you are a master, we’ve got you covered!

This year’s conference tracks include:

  • FinTech and innovation: offering insight into the FinTech movement, with an emphasis on technologies which help players better understand data and deal with it in an efficient and creative manner.
  • Blockchain technology and solutions: learn more about the architectural characteristics of Blockchain technology, how to get started with the technology and how to build applications on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • High performance and low latency: Discover effective techniques for gaining the lowest-possible latency and squeezing the best performance from your system. Develop your apps to communicate with reliable speed in a world of highly-distributed systems and microservices.

Check out the full program of the conference here.

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You miss, you lose

One of the things that you absolutely shouldn’t miss is Eoin Woods’ session, “A Breathless Tour of Blockchain”. In an interview with the JAXenter team, Woods talked about his predictions for 2018 and highlighted the importance of knowing when to use Blockchain and when not to.

JAXenter: Should we expect Blockchain to dominate the sector of economic transactions in 2018?Eoin Woods: Blockchain is nowhere near mature enough to dominate any sector in 2018, possibly apart from the press release generation sector.  What I expect in 2018 is for more and more people to understand what Blockchains can and can’t be used for and to start looking at it seriously.

JAXenter: We’ve been talking about the advantages Blockchain brings to the finance industry but how about cybersecurity? How can this technology help fight cyber attacks?

Eoin Woods: Possibly.  The peer-to-peer, highly distributed and transparent nature of a Blockchain make it highly resistant to certain types of attacks, so Blockchain certainly has some interesting characteristics from a security perspective.  It’s not a general solution to cybersecurity though (and of course, brings vulnerabilities and complexities of its own).

See the full interview here.

What’s more, one of the most fascinating talks of this year’s JAX DevOps is Rona Ruthen and Federico Fregosi ‘s session on “Fraud Detection in Your Payment System: A Build/Buy Consideration Evaluation”. During an interview with the JAXenter team, Ruthen argued:

The main challenge is defining your fraud engine requirements when your product/processes/market constantly changes. It means that the core principles of startups – being lean and agile, create a challenge when it comes to building your own fraud engine.

JAXenter: First of all, can you explain why FinTech companies need a fraud engine?Rona Ruthen: Every financial service and every merchant is exposed to fraud, it’s part of the cost of doing business or a necessary evil. FinTechs are especially vulnerable, as in the early days the team is very lean, the focus is on developing the product and systems and finding the product-market fit. It’s challenging to allocate resources to anything else. Fraudsters know that target FinTech companies early on and adapt very quickly to changes in controls.

JAXenter: Has the FinTech movement triggered a culture shift in banking or are banks resistant to change?

Rona Ruthen: There is no doubt that there is a shift, especially as PSD2 and Open Banking came into effect, demonstrating the regulators’ support in opening the market to more competition and innovation. However, a change like this takes time as it requires a shift in mindset as well as implementation through robust and complex banking organizations. Some are moving faster than others. I believe we will see an increasing focus on customer experience and a higher rate of change as customers will expect more from banks and financial services and the bar will be set higher.

See the full interview here.

Already fired up? This was only a small taste of what awaits you at JAX Finance!

Book your Early Bird tickets now and take advantage of the group discount as well as the 2-in-1 deal that provides you with admission to JAX DevOps which runs at the same time.

Looking forward to seeing you in London!

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