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JAX expands with DevOps and Finance conference duo in April 2016

JAXenter Editorial Team

Leading IT innovators in finance and DevOps are set to convene in London for the JAX Finance and JAX DevOps conferences, running side by side in April 2016.

This April, the London chapter of the international JAX conference series is again expanding with yet another IT focus: the JAX DevOps. Running from 27-28 April, followed by a day of power workshops on April 29, the JAX Finance and JAX DevOps conferences will bring together over 100 speakers for more than 100 workshops, sessions and keynotes on the latest innovations in Finance IT and DevOps.

The ‘untapped potential’ of DevOps and Finance IT

“After the success of last year’s first JAX Finance conference, we thought it essential to take a closer look at another emerging area of innovation in tech last year returns – DevOps,” Sebastian Meyen told us. “We’re sensing a great excitement around the changes taking place as a result of DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices, …” said the JAX Conference Chair. “But there’s a great amount of questions still to be answered for pre-DevOps development teams, as well as areas for potential that they have not yet considered.”

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Like its JAX Finance sister conference, it’s this combination of unanswered questions and untapped potential that the JAX DevOps conference will focus on.

Accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and the need for increased quality in delivery provide a plethora of new challenges for software experts. JAX DevOps features in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for lean businesses.

Meanwhile, the second JAX Finance focuses on the specific technological needs of the financial industry. Topics such as low latency, messaging, exchange architecture as well as core Java technologies and continuous delivery are at the heart of this conference. Additionally, this year, we introduce a fintech-dedicated track underlining our mission to deliver cutting-edge innovation.

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Last year’s JAX Finance was warmly welcomed in the finance community, where attendees were showed how to “out-innovate the disruptors”. Alongside the expo reception and networking events, attendees from one conference will also have full access the parallel conference.

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