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JAX DevOps: Early bird special ends April 11th

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JAX DevOps 2019’s early bird special ends on April 11th. The conference features six focused tracks of workshops, sessions, over 40 international speakers and industry experts, and keynotes addressing recent trends and best practices.

This May, leading DevOps specialists and professionals meet in London for JAX DevOps 2019. 

From May 14 – 17, software experts will share their knowledge during in-depth seminars and workshops. Participants will learn the methodologies for lean businesses, accelerate their delivery cycles, and achieve faster changes in functionality.

Tip: JAX DevOps 2019’s early bird discount offers savings up to £ 100. Early bird registration ends on April 11th. Ticket purchases for three or more colleagues receive an additional 10% discount. Freelancers and employees of scientific institutions also benefit from special offers.

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Conference tracks

There are six available conference tracks to explore.

Business & company culture

Agile methodologies in software engineering have been brought into the mainstream. They are the reason why teams are much more powerful, but with solutions come new challenges that need creative solutions. At the same time, the agile virus is infecting more and more departments of digital-oriented organizations —its reach has exceeded the boundaries of software engineering and can now be found in a plethora of industries. Do you know what it means to create an agile company culture and promote agile values? We’re offering you a sneak peek into the changes that have shaped the corporate culture and a helping hand with the process of becoming fully agile.

Cloud platforms & serverless

Modern cloud platforms represent more than an opportunity to transfer applications to public data centres. They are offering a plethora of technical services which are challenging the conventional ways of building and using software. Data management, user and permissions management (identity), networks, management and monitoring, scaling are at hand as services in such environments. Calling one of those services takes just seconds to complete. In this track we offer insight into the newest approaches to set up cloud-based and cloud native applications.

Docker & Kubernetes

Container technology is spreading like wildfire in the software world — possibly faster than any other technology before. But what are the key learnings so far? Have the initial assumptions about the way in which containers revolutionize both the development and deployment of software been verified or falsified? What are the challenges for using containers in production and where are we headed to? This track provides use cases and best practices for working with the likes of Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos & Co.

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery successfully merges the process of build, test and deployment in an agile spirit. A smooth integration of agile tools is necessary even if this concept works best when merged with another buzzword that is close to developers’ hearts: automation. The Continuous Delivery & Automation track offers valuable practical knowledge on how to automate the software delivery and boost productivity.


Microservices have metamorphosed into a state-of-the art way to reduce unnecessary complexity in modern enterprise systems. In addition to that, they make deployment and agile development much easier. In JAX DevOps’ Microservices track you will learn how to maximize development productivity and minimize mistakes. Is the future asynchronous? Can you automate your data center with containers? Is the serverless cloud a fad or a buzzword? Let’s discover that together.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Native cloud applications typically consist of a number of autonomous (micro)services which communicate with each other via interfaces. While the complexity of the services aims to be low, there are new challenges for the overall system architecture. Specifically, there is a need for innovative solutions for cross aspects like dependency management, and monitoring and logging in order to guarantee the frictionless orchestration of the different service components. The track Monitoring & Diagnostics presents approaches to handle the complexity of microservices applications. The scope ranges from performance analytics, profiling and monitoring to log management for Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes & Co.

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