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The Early Bird offer for JAX DevOps is here – Get yours before March 8th

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When should you buy a bird? When it’s going cheep! This week is your last chance to take advantage of the Early Bird offer for JAX DevOps 2018 – The offer ends on March 8th!

Get ready for JAX DevOps 2018 where renowned pioneers of the software industry will gather at between April 9-12, 2018 in London to present the most interesting and important trends and visions for this growing movement.

JAX DevOps is an innovative conference for Continuous Delivery, microservices, Docker, and clouds that takes the pulse of the industry and pinpoints the influence behind new solutions that aim to soothe the growing pains of DevOps.

With our Early Bird offer, you can take advantage of group discounts and save up to £100!

Let’s take a closer look at the conference track:

  • Continuous Delivery & Automation: valuable practical knowledge on how to automate the software delivery and boost productivity.
  • Container Technologies: use cases and best practices for working with the likes of Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos & Co.
  • Microservices: learn how to maximize development productivity and minimize mistakes.
  • Agile & Company Culture: Do you know what it means to create an agile company culture and promote agile values? Let’s have a sneak peek into the changes that have shaped the corporate culture and a helping hand with the process of becoming fully agile.
  • Could Platforms: insight into the newest approaches to set up cloud-based or even cloud-native applications

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Some of the most influential industry experts and international speakers will join us at JAX DevOps, offering their knowledge and insight. To have a small taste of what awaits you at JAX DevOps, here is what Pierre Vincent has to say on DevOps trends that we should pay attention to in 2018:

JAXenter: What are your DevOps predictions for 2018? What should we pay attention to?

Daniel Bryant: I believe that DevOps is to some degree becoming “normalized” now, in that what we conceptualize as DevOps is becoming best practice within all kinds of organizations. For example, concepts such as increasing shared responsibility, breaking down silos, encouraging empathy, engineering for feedback, Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

There are a few movements springing out of DevOps, and some are more specialized (or arguably subsets) — like DevSecOps or BizDevOps — and some are applying similar principles to separate areas of the process of delivering value to customers through software — like Developer Experience (DevEx).

Where DevOps may have focused more on introducing collaboration and agile into operations, DevEx is all about “minimizing the friction” for a developer between having a good idea, coding and deploying this, and ultimately getting feedback from customers using the feature in production.

Check out the informative yet teasing interview with some of the conference speakers here and see who’s talking at JAX DevOps here.

JAX DevOps 2018 consists of:

  • 60+ Workshops, sessions, and keynotes
  • 40+ International speakers and industry experts
  • Insightful Keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices
  • 2-in-1: attend a parallel conference JAX Finance
  • Expo reception with top IT companies 10.- 11. April

Are you feeling thrilled? Make sure you get your Early Bird offer!

We can’t wait to see you in London!

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