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Are your calendars marked for JAX DevOps 2018? Program is now LIVE!

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JAX DevOps

The countdown for JAX DevOps 2018 has begun. If you would like to dive deeper into topics such as Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker, and clouds, this is your chance to hear top experts talk about the latest trends in this growing culture. Hurry up and save up to £700 – Blind Bird expires today!

DevOps has proven to be a forceful approach to making IT-based organizations much more efficient than almost anything we’ve seen in the past. The period when only unicorns such as Uber, Spotify or Github used to practice that kind of company culture has come to an end. More and more enterprises in the traditional markets tailor their operations to a DevOps approach.

What to expect from JAX DevOps 2018

Are your calendars marked for JAX DevOps next year? Renowned pioneers of the software industry will gather at JAX DevOps between April 9-12, 2018 in London to present the most important trends and visions for this growing movement. This innovative conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker, and clouds takes the pulse of the industry and pinpoints the influence behind new solutions that aim to soothe the growing pains of DevOps.

JAX DevOps 2018 Program — Fresh out of the oven!

The program next year is jam-packed with fascinating sessions; stay tuned for more sessions, useful workshops, and interesting keynotes. Mingling time is even built into the schedule with events for networking and collaborating. Next year’s JAX DevOps is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event but don’t take our word for it — have a look at the program so far.

Nathaniel Schutta, Pivotal — An Architect’s Guide to Site Reliability Engineering

Jussi NummelinKontena Inc. — Building geographically distributed Microservices with Containers

Dr. Daniel BryantBig Picture Tech — Continuous Delivery Patterns for Modern Java Architectures

Tommy TynjäDiabol AB — Continuous Delivery with Jenkins: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Steve PooleIBM — Dashboards and Culture: How Openness changes your Behaviour

Michiel RookFourScouts — Database schema migrations with zero downtime

Michiel RookFourScouts — Effective leadership in Agile/DevOps environments

Antonio CoboOpen Credo — Failed and successful stories with Technical Debt

Antonio CoboOpen Credo — One size does not fit all – Agnostic Agile Oath

Pierre VincentPoppulo — Increasing the observability of distributed systems in production

Kai TödterSiemens AG — Infrastructure as Code: Build Pipelines with Docker and Terraform

Philipp KrennElastic — Lessons Learned from Providing Official Docker Images

Alexander Schwartzmsg systems ag — Logging and Tracing for your Microservices – Log4j, Zipkin and Spring Sleuth

Peter EijgermansOrdina Nederland B.V. — Microservices or Monolith?

Nathaniel SchuttaPivotal — Production Hardened Services

Sebastian Jesson-WardServiceteam it — The external factors affecting IT strategy: Case study of UK businesses

Colin VipursMasabi — The Modular Monolith – Microservices on Demand

Tommy TynjäDiabol AB — The Road to Continuous Delivery

John RauserTasktop — Uncovering Dark Cultural Debt

Jussi NummelinKontena Inc. — Why Do Microservices Need an API Gateway?

JAX DevOps 2018 consists of:

  • 60+ Workshops, sessions and keynotes
  • 40+ International speakers and industry experts
  • Insightful Keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices
  • 2-in-1: attend a parallel conference JAX Finance
  • Expo reception with top IT companies 10.- 11. April

You will have the chance to chat with experienced speakers and exchange thoughts on topics that interest you.

Don’t forget to secure your ticket and save up to £700!

JAX DevOps is a four-day conference for software experts featuring in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for lean businesses. Join the software delivery revolution for accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and increased quality in delivery.

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