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JAX 2016|Agile day’s best moments

JAXenter Editorial Team

JAX 2016 is already at full throttle and this was only Day 1. We had a truly agile day, we asked questions and received honest, pertinent answers, we acknowledged speakers’ expertise and we laughed together. Here’s what we learned today.

There are over 220 workshops, sessions and keynotes at this year’s JAX conference —some of them occurred today under the following name: Agile.Kai Tödter’s workshop was one of the day’s highlights —he taught his audience how to develop web apps with AngularJS, TypeScript and Spring Boot and spoke in front of a full room. The architect of the future was depicted by Thomas Grimm and Carsten Sensler while Konstantin Diener tried to give an answer to the question: How much budget does one need for software development? Some people agreed with Mr Diener’s viewpoint, others had something else in mind but everyone learned something.

Glenn Lamming and Lutz Malburg were a dynamic duo that mixed laughter with information and kept the audience interested. Attendees  learned new details about user stories and their most common myths, but also about the timing of productivity and when it should be boosted. Another duo that made the audience burst into laughter was Alessandro Grimaldi- Daniel Haslinger; the two won over the audience with jokes and tips and handed over the podium to the panel expert —one of the most interactive parts of the Agile day— moderated by Mirko Schrempp, one of Software and Support Media Group’s pillars.

Stay tuned for more inside information from JAX conference 2016!

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