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After a long winter, spring is finally here, so why not take your learning outside the classroom? Prop your laptop up on the beach and get some fresh air, while studying up on your JavaScript. Today we are highlighting some of the fun and user-friendly tools available for brushing up on JavaScript, preparing for interviews, or just learning a few new concepts.

Preparing your JavaScript knowledge? Whether it’s for an interview, a test, or your own personal use, there are plenty of tools and tricks for learning how to recall and use your knowledge. Studying is no longer just flashcards and rote memorization. Some of it can even be, dare I say, fun!

This Friday we are taking a look at some of the fun ways to test your JavaScript know-how. Learning doesn’t have to be in a classroom!

Why JavaScript? JS is a workhorse of a language that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just look at the RedMonk biannual language rankings.


AlgoDaily offers one relevant JavaScript question a day. What sets it apart from other teaching tools is that instead of solution focused, it is approach focused. There’s no fill in the blank answer sheet to memorize. Instead, you go through a problem step-by-step and learn the entire process. If you find yourself stuck, consult the walkthrough and hints for a reminder.

While the challenges are all short and sweet, doing one problem daily is a good way to get in some well-needed brain exercise. Think of it as a little warm-up before the big cram session! Challenges range in topic from things like merging two binary trees to how to implement a graph.

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Sign-ups for the future mobile release are currently closed. According to the site, the mobile app will launch April 2019. Keep your eyes peeled! For now, browse the current curriculum and get your daily dose of learning in.


Feeling a little competitive? Codewars is for the developer who loves a challenge and gets a thrill from leaderboards. Improve your coding by training with others. You’ll earn ranks as you complete increasingly difficult tasks.

Codewars hosts a boatload of languages, including Clojure, Java, Ruby, PHP, and of course JavaScript. You can easily dip in and out of lessons and take on new languages for a fun change of pace.

If you want to stump others, you can create your own challenges. There’s no better feeling than being able to challenge a community with your own smarts.

The Odin Project

Learning coding on your own is tough, but The Odin Project has your back. It includes several courses – for our purposes let’s take a look at the JavaScript class and “Getting Hired”. The JS course has 35 lessons including introductions to popular frameworks such as Angular and React and how to achieve test-driven development. Oh, and like the best things in life, it’s open source (and on GitHub)! So once you’re a master, you can help contribute and give back to the community.

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Once you finish up all your learning, you’ll move on to the final project. A Discord group is available for chatting, seeking out tips, and lending some encouragement to your fellow students.

For the career-focused go-getters, the “Getting Hired” courses will prepare you for a job search. Find out what companies want, what you can do to prepare yourself for interviews, and how to build your resume up!


FreeCodeCamp online tool offers several courses, including basic CSS, HTML 5, and microservices certification. For all our JavaScript programmers out there, there’s a “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification” course. With 300 hours of content, you’ll find literal days worth of lessons useful for your particular needs.

Beginners can jump right away into the “Basic JavaScript” course, while those looking for more of a challenge can begin topics such as “Intermediate Algorithm Scripting”, “Functional Programming”, “Object Oriented Programming” and more.

If you run into trouble, you can get a hint or ask for help on the forum. This coding camp also teaches you the benefit of the “read-search-ask” methodology (read the doc, search google, ask for help). Any programmer worth their salt will tell you is the best way to face sticky challenges.

Focused on nailing an interview? Check out the coding interview prep. Tons of lessons and take home projects will prepare you for all the tough questions and how to best reach success.

Did we miss your favorite? Share your favorite JavaScript learning tool with us and we will check it out!

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