Watch David Guijarro's International JavaScript session

Nuxt.js: isomorphic Vue.js Apps made easy, fast and fun

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What is Nuxt.js? Find out how this framework can help your JavaScript programming experience. Take a video break and watch David Guijarro, a JavaScript developer at SHARE NOW, discuss the framework and how to make Vue.js apps with it. It’s fast, easy, and fun.

Nuxt.js is an opinionated framework based on Vue.js that excels when it comes to running the same codebase both server-side and client-side. In this talk, we will focus on how it encourages convention over configuration and what kind of projects it suits best. Also, we will power up our code from a rather static (but very fast-loading) website to a full-blown SPA directly in the browser.


javascriptDavid Guijarro considers himself a JavaScript person. He’s a Spaniard trying to survive Hamburg weather and he’s currently working as Frontend Chapter Lead at SHARE NOW (formerly car2go).


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