First JavaScript Magazine is all about Angular

The new JavaScript Magazine – now available as free download

JAXenter Editorial Team

Our new JavaScript Magazine offers a comprehensive overview of JavaScript topics. The first one is Angular: From feature development to typical code smells and interviews, the magazine covers everything that has to do with the trending framework. Download now for free!

The brand new JavaScript Magazine is presented to you by our International JavaScript Conference. In several issues per year, you will get an overview of the latest trends and topics of the JavaScript world: articles, infographics and interviews await! The magazine can be downloaded for free from the iJS website.

JavaScript Magazine: Ready for download!

In the first issue, we have chosen to focus on Angular. Angular 9 has just been released and has brought with it the biggest change since the release of v2: Ivy. Manfred Steyer will give you an overview of the new features in the framework versions that have been released since Angular 2, which was written in TypeScript. So if you are still working with an older version, you can see at a glance what features your own project is missing. Juan Herrera will explain which coding decisions are not a good idea, even if they are not considered bugs. In addition, our authors will introduce you to Angular 9, Bazel, and Ivy.

The magazine is available for download. The newsletter of the International JavaScript Conference will also keep you updated when the next issue arrives!

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