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JavaScript Library ‘YUI’ 3.2.0 With Support for Touch UIs

Jessica Thornsby

New release of YUI comes with new beta versions of CSS Grids component, Editor, History Utility and ScrollView widget.

YUI version 3.2.0 is out now.

YUI is a library of JavaScript utilities and controls for building web apps using techniques such as DOM Scripting, Ajax and DHTML.

This release introduces support for mobile devices with touch UIs, through the new ‘gestures module,’ and comes with a new convenience module ‘SimpleYUI’ that also creates a global instance. YUI’s loader supports capability-based loading, so users can segregate code into separate submodules, allowing the Loader to bundle code only for browsers that require it. YUI 3.0.2 also comes with a new beta version of YUI’s CSS Grids component, a beta of Editor, a beta History utility, and a new beta ScrollView widget.

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