Watch Tomek Rudzki's International JavaScript Conference session

How can you make a JavaScript website successful in Google?

JAXenter Editorial Team

We all want to find that SEO magic trick that boosts your Google search engine results. However, did you know that your JavaScript-based website might be holding you back from reaching the top of the list? Find out how to make your JavaScript site a success in this talk.

Traffic from Google’s searches is crucial for many businesses, big and small. And I bet it’s important for you, too. But what if I told you that your JavaScript-based website might be keeping you from reaching the top of the Google results?

Tomek Rudzki, the writer behind Elephate’s hugely successful “Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO”, leads this International JavaScript Conference session. In this talk, he shares some of his extensive knowledge about how to make you and your JS website successful.


JavaScriptTomek Rudzki is the Head of the Research and Development at Onely – the best small SEO agency in Europe. His work and research has appeared in Searchmetrics and other websites. He’s also the writer behind two popular articles, “Ultimate Guide to JavaScript SEO” and “Chrome 41 – Key to Website Rendering”.

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