Javascript For EMF


Javascript for Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is a new Eclipse project proposed under the Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology for integrating scripting with Javascript with EMF.

EMF currently has a Java API for both static and reflective access to Ecore objects, resources, viewers, and commands which enable the creation of EMF-based applications with Java. Dynamic EMF objects allow the modeling and editing of EMF data within the development environment, but adding behaviour to EMF objects and adapting the user interface, still requires so-called ‘static’ Java code, and the development and testing of an EMF application still requires the developer to compile, build and re-launch Eclipse. This project aims to integrate Javascript with all parts of EMF, to allow operations and commands to be programmed without the edit-compile-build-run cycle.

Initially, Javascript for EMF will enable the manipulation of Ecore objects with Javascript, validating by means of constraints and invariants, implementing operations and executing Javascript code as editing commands. However, according to the proposal the team wish to extend the project’s reach in the future.

The initial contribution will come from code that has already been contributed to the e4 project, in the form of the Toolkit Model project.


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