As JavaOne continues, we pick up the key stories

JavaOne 2011 – Tuesday’s Keynotes


Java 8 gets a new release date, Twitter tweets along, and JavaFX could be opening its source

As JavaOne continues, so do the updates, and not one mention of the new iPhone yesterday, which must have been the only place that escaped the Cupertino hype machine. Particularly of note at yesterdays presentations was the announcement from Adam Messinger of the intention to move to a two-yearly interval between Java 7 and 8. This would see the next big iteration landing sometime in summer 2013.

The proposed change in scheduling is said to be to allow more time for certification, which will please trainers and engineers who don’t want to have to re-certify on a more frequent basis. It has also been suggested that Oracle might use the extension as an opportunity to implement project Jigsaw and modularise the JDK.

Other developments include the news that Twitter will be collaborating with Oracle and other JCP/OpenJDK communities in their mission to further develop the Java platform, with other industry big hitters – such as Red Hat, Arm and Intel also on board.

Finally, fresh after the announcement of JavaFX 2.0 being made available, Oracle also announced they will be submitting a proposal to make the JavaFX platform open source, no doubt fitting in with the overall plans to improve integration with HTML5.

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