This year's event comes to and end

JavaOne 2011 – Retrospective


It’s the biggest event in the community calendar, but have Oracle done enough to restore faith in JavaOne?

As the last murmur of the Keynotes fades into the distance, promotional T-shirts meet the washing basket, and all the exhibition booths are dismantled, we take a look back at this year’s JavaOne event in review.

The overwhelming sentiment so far seems to be one of “It’s not like the Sun days, but it’s getting better”. There were some blog mumblings about IBM’s strong presence throughout the talks, but this is to be expected. Also, the change of venue didn’t go down well with everyone, but most were forgiving enough in the end.

Pleasingly there was a definite increase in attendance over the previous year, and this was particularly noticeable in the exhibition hall, with last year’s almost pitiful crowds being maligned in the community blog scene.

Over all the positive sentiments seem to suggest that the community spirit for which JavaOne is famed is creeping back in, and confidence in Oracle’s handling of Java has been boosted after the road maps for 8 and even 9 were presented. This has been widely well received as an indication that (as Cay Horstmann eloquently puts it) is alive and kicking.

The big news for interface user experience fans will be the release of JavaFX2.0 available now, along with the added tantalising morsel of the code eventually being made open source, though this might not happen immediately, which will only frustrate enthusiastic developers.

Oracle will no doubt be happy to have improved their standing in the Java community since last year, earned a bit of extra trust, and restored some faith both in Java itself, as well as the JavaOne event over all. If anyone else had a particularly notable experience, good or bad, we’d love to hear your opinions.


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