Javalin hits the spot in 3.6.0

Javalin version 3.6 cleans up with two features and new fixes

Sarah Schlothauer
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Javalin is a lightweight web framework with optional asynchronous mode for both Java and Kotlin. It runs on top of Jetty using only a few thousand modest lines of code and makes creating a REST API easy. The latest November addition brings us to version 3.6.0, with two new features, and a few cleaned up bug fixes and changes.

One thing is for sure: Javalin releases are speedy. Roughly once or twice a month, the web framework releases a new version to the public. The November release is rather small, but it contains a few fixes and two new features for users to check out and explore.

Since every non-major release is backwards compatible with old releases. You can check out the new updates right away without fuss.

From Javalin’s README on GitHub:

Javalin is a very lightweight web framework for Kotlin and Java which supports WebSockets, HTTP2 and async requests. Javalin’s main goals are simplicity, a great developer experience, and first class interoperability between Kotlin and Java.

  • You don’t need to extend anything
  • There are no @Annotations
  • There is no reflection
  • There is no other magic; just code.

New features in Javalin 3.6.0

Just two new features join the crew. The new additions included in this update are as follows:

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  • A new simple basic auth plugin has been added.
  • Users can document form parameters in the OpenAPI plugin. With the OpenAPI plugin, users can generate the OpenAPI specification directly from the application’s source code.

Additional fixes and changes

As always, this release is not complete without plentiful fixes, ensuring a smoother experience. Some of the changes this time around include:

  • Uploaded files will no longer buffer in RAM.
  • Query parameters can now contain equals signs.
  • Look who’s moving. Javalin has moved from Travis to GitHub Actions for continuous integration. GitHub Actions helps automate workflow by sharing and combining actions.
  • Case sensitive change: Use byte[] instead of Byte[] in binary WebSocket messages.
  • Javalin squashed a bug in JavalinVue that involved running from an IDE using classpath.
  • The Java documentation engine plugin, Dokka, has been upgraded.

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View the official release blog for additional information about everything added and changed.

Show your love to the devs and contributors and give the project a star on GitHub. View more details all about Javalin on their homepage or its documentation.

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