JavaFX 1.3 Challenge

JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge Deadline Extended

Jessica Thornsby

The deadline for the JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge has been extended to 30 days after the JavaFX 1.3 SDK has been released. The organisers have decided that the upcoming JavaFX 1.3 will have some features relevant to the goals of the challenge.

JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge requires developers to create a JavaFX app that “exemplifies the appearance and behavior of a next-generation enterprise RIA.”

Now, each application must be created with the JavaFX 1.3 SDK, in addition to the pre-existing rules. Entries must be submitted in the form of a NetBeans or an Eclipse project, and be offered as open source under the Berkeley Software Distribution License.

Those who have already submitted an entry, can re-submit an updated entry closer to the new deadline.

The winner will be awarded $2000.