JavaFX Developer Marinacci Not Moving To Oracle


JavaFX developer Josh Marinacci has revealed that he will be moving to Oracle. Instead, he plans to join hardware manufacturer Palm as a developer advocate for the open platform WebOS.

Marinacci has worked at Sun since 2005. In the past, he has worked on Windows L&, NetBeans and JavaFX. For the past year, he has been concentrating on developing the desktop client for the Java Store, written in JavaFX.

He cites the ‘need for a change’ as the main motivation behind his move:

“From 1995 until the present I’ve spent my professional career working on Java GUIs of some sort…….I’ve decided to start working with something completely different: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on the WebOS. The Oracle transition seems like a good time to make the change.”

However, he will continue work on some of his existing products, such as wireframing tool Leonardo, and has a new release of his tool for building interactive artwork MaiTai, ready to ship when JavaFX 1.3 and Prism are released.