Linux users get what they want

JavaFX 2 gets Linux support

Chris Mayer

Java’s next big project finally goes cross platform, with Linux capability added.

Back in May, when the JavaFX 2.0 Beta was released, there was a glaring omission that caused a slight uproar from one large community. No Linux support meant that many developers wouldn’t touch the Internet application platform with a bargepole until it that was changed.

So, with great fanfare, the JavaFX team announced today that JavaFX 2.0 is now Linux-compatible, through the JavaFX 2.1 Developer Preview for Linux, adding a fourth option to finally take that step towards true cross-platform status.

The JavaFX Developer Preview for Linux has currently been tested against Ubuntu 10.04 / JDK 7u2 but is expected to be supported on other Linux distributions the Oracle Java SE implementation is available on, when JavaFX for Linux reaches General Availability. But for now, the choice is there for Linux users to code, test and file inevitable bugs to their heart’s content, with the JavaFX team promising a ‘rock-solid’ implementation upon feedback.

Despite initial outrage, the JavaFX team were fairly defensive over omitting Linux at first, stating that it was always their intention to make JavaFX cross platform, although a firm commitment at the time couldn’t be met for a Linuc release. Lead Richard Bair said:

We absolutely will be targeting a whole host of different platforms, not even just the big three (Mac, Linux, Windows). The value of the Java platform is in the fact that you can write across multiple operating systems and devices.

It was a necessity to make JavaFX Linux compliant and now we could see the platform flourish with a huge community being let past the gates.

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