Fresh from a live demo at JavaOne, JavaFX 2.0 now available

JavaFX 2.0 Released


Visual application development tool gets v2.0 release

After a crowd pleasing demonstration in San Francisco this week, the next major version – 2.0 – of JavaFX is now available. Designed ‘from the ground up’ the UI platform for Java developers is hoped to be capable of delivering user friendly, data driven business applications.

This new release sees the inclusion of many new graphic and media tools all aimed at improving, and simplifying the creation of rich applications. For the first time, all development can now be done from within the Java environment, using standard tools. Other notable updates include the ability to embed web content via the WebView feature, as well as the implementation of FXML (geddit!) a scriptable XML for defining user interfaces.

JavaFX 2.0 is now available for download from For detailed tutorials and API documentation, see

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