Congratulations, Java!

#Java20 – Twenty years of laughing, crying and programming with Java

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The time has come to celebrate the good, the bad and the necessary for Java on its twentieth birthday. We’ve rounded up some of the fondest memories that the Java developer community is tweeting about with the #Java20 hashtag.

Java is 20 years old this year. Not only is Oracle celebrating, but also millions of users worldwide. On this happiest of occasions, everyone can send through their congratulations under the hashtag #Java20, allowing developers and users from around the world to look back, reflect and enjoy.

We’ve put together the best tweets linked to the #Java20 hashtag so far, for you to enjoy.

A birthday without music? Unthinkable. Especially popular among well-wishers is the video clip “Java is what Java does” as well as the appearance of the band “Dukulele” in a 2006 performance:

Merchandise is often laughed at. In fast-moving times, the allure of older products demonstrates their emotional value. The fact that the Java Ring from 1998 is still around is quite a testament to this:

Even screenshots makes us reminisce about the good old days:

Birthdays always bring out the nicest of compliments from people:

Perhaps you’re more of an “active” celebrator?:

Birthday greetings have been pouring in from around the world:

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a coffee tweet snuck in:

Or a taste of the weirdly wonderful:

Speaking of taste – CAKECAKECAKE:

And what has Duke, the Java Mascot, got to say about all of this?:

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