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Java Weekly 18/15: Transactions, JPA productivity, JSON-P and more

Thorben Janssen
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From the pitfalls of transaction handling to the top 100 GitHub libraries, the newest edition of Thorben Janssen’s Java Weekly brings us the freshest links, updates and events in the Java world.

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Matti Tahvonen’s JPA productivity booster series was already part of last week’s Java Weekly. This week he published the third part of the series, in which he shows how to combine QueryDSL with Spring Data and DeltaSpike Data.

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Simon Maple posted a teaser of the results of their Java Performance Survey 2015. If you haven’t already done it, you can still fill out the survey. They are donating 50c for every complete survey to the charity organization dogs for disabled.

Java EE

Transaction handling is pretty easy in Java EE, isn’t it?

Well, it seems like it’s easy, but there are several pitfalls you need to be aware of as Mark Struberg shows in his recent blog post: Transaction handling in EJBs and JavaEE7 @Transactional.

Java EE 8

Some days ago, the MVC 1.0 specification (JSR 371) released an early draft review and it was critized for only providing a build-in support for JSP and Facelets. But that is not an issue as Christian Kaltepoth shows in his recent post. It can be easily extended to support other view technologies and the reference implementation already supports several more.

David Delabassee highlighted some of the upcoming changes, like support for JSON Patch and JSON Pointer, to the JSON-P specification in Java EE 8 and asks the community to try them out and provide some feedback to the expert group.

This and that

The takipi team analyzed the top 5,216 Java projects on Github to find the 100 most used libraries: We Analyzed 60,678 Libraries on Github – Here are the Top 100.

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The JavaOne CfP will end on April 29th. If you are still working on your proposal, you should read Markus Eiseles recommendations before submitting it. He is part of the program committee and wrote a post about which kinds of sessions he wants to see at JavaOne.


Last week, there were two interesting sessions at the virutal JBoss User Group:

  • Erik Jan de Wit showed how to use Cordova and AeroGear to cross platform applications for mobile devices. If you missed that session, you can watch the replay on YouTube.
  • Kabir Khan gave a presentation about how to contribute to the Wildfly project. You can find the recording of this session on YouTube.

Upcoming online events

Tal Weiss will give a webinar on 7 Advanced JVM Production Debugging Techniques on April 28th at 11 am PST.

Thorben Janssen
Thorben is a senior developer and regular Java blogger with more than 10 years of experience in Java EE development and architecture. During these years he has acted as developer, architect, project and technical lead to create high available, clustered mobile billing solutions and laboratory information management systems.

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