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Java trends: Top 10 Frameworks in 2020

Hartmut Schlosser
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Our JAXenter survey about current trends in the Java ecosystem is in full swing. Time to take a look at the preliminary results. Today’s focus: Frameworks!

In our survey, we want to know what technologies will be particularly relevant for you this year. The areas in question are:

  • Programming languages
  • Frameworks
  • UI & web technologies
  • CI/CD, containers, microservices
  • Cloud technologies
  • Software architecture
  • Data processing & storage

You can choose from various topics and tools, which you can rate from “very interesting” to “neutral” to “not interesting at all”.

-> The survey is open until the end of February – so it’s not too late to participate!

Let’s take a look at the interim results. Which frameworks will interest you most in 2020?

Application frameworks

Among the application frameworks, there is a clear winner, and it’s called Spring! Both Spring Boot (No. 1) and Spring Framework (No. 2) are well ahead of the competition – especially ahead of Jakarta EE.

For the ranking shown below, we have summed up the scores for “interesting” and “very interesting” and highlighted them in green.

JavaThird place, which goes to the Quarkus framework, is noteworthy. For 22% of the participants, Quarkus is “very interesting” this year, for 25% at least “interesting”. This is a remarkable result considering the short time the framework has been in existence – it was launched by Red Hat in 2018.

Web frameworks

JavaScript dominates on the web. Angular, Vue, React and Node come in ahead of Spring MVC, the first Java-based web framework on the list.

JavaThe dominance of JavaScript in itself comes of no surprise – even in our last survey in 2018, JS frameworks were ahead. However, Vue.js has made a significant leap forward. While the framework was ranked 5th in the last survey, it was able to work its way up to 2nd place in 2020.


So much for the current results on the frameworks. And, as we said, the survey is still ongoing!

Take 5 minutes of your time and rate the technologies and trends below according to their relevance for you in 2020!

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