Java Tech Journal OSGi Issue – Out Now!

Jessica Thornsby

May’s issue of Java Tech Journal is out now – with lots of OSGi goodness!

May’s issue of Java Tech Journal is out now! In this edition, we look at OSGi, with a variety of articles, ranging from ‘A Gentle Introduction to OSGi’ for those unfamiliar with the technology, to ‘OSGi A La Carte’ for those looking for new and exciting ways to engage with OSGi. Despite a prominent presence in the Java Ecosystem spanning several years, a question mark still hangs over OSGi’s place in the Enterprise, and we have two articles that tackle this very issue. In ‘The Cure for Complexity,’ CEO and Founder of Paremus, Richard Nicholson examines OSGi’s relevance in the modern Enterprise, and Tim Diekmann and David Bosschaert deep dive into the OSGi Service Platform Enterprise Specification. The OSGi Alliance has recently published the OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core Specification Version 4.3, and BJ Hargrave and Peter Kriens talk us through this update, in ‘What’s New in Core 4.3?’ while we look at the power of Eclipse and Bnd combined, in ‘Developing OSGi with BndTools.’ There’s also a simple guide to developing and running JPA code in diverse OSGi environments, and a whirlwind tour through some OSGi projects you may not have heard of, with Valentin Mahrwald and Holly Cummins.

The PDF version of Java Tech Journal can be downloaded now, for free, and iPad-fans should check out our Java Tech Journal app: bringing all of JTJ’s great content directly your iPad!

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