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Java Tech Journal now available on Android

Chris Mayer

A special Advent present for all you avid Java Tech Journal readers out there – it’s now available for free on Android Market.

That’s right – the app itself is free and every issue of the wonderfully detailed Java digital magazine is now available for €0.79, on Android devices 3.0 and up.  So if you’ve missed out so far, why not go back through the archives and also check out the latest issue on eXtreme Progamming?

But don’t worry we’ve given you an extra pre-Christmas treat too – free demo content from the website for you to view on your Android device!

Don’t worry those with a penchant for Apple – the app is available for iPad and also as a free PDF, so we’ve got you covered – no matter what your preference is.

Java Tech Journal is the digital magazine from Software & Support Media, and covers all the hot topics for Java developers. Each issue deep dives into one topic, be it the Android platform or Java 7. Java Tech Journal provides an insight into emerging trends in the Java ecosystem, and offers best practices for established technologies on a monthly basis.

The Java Tech Journal Android app is absolutely free, and enables you to pick and choose single issues of Java Tech Journal on your Android device. All downloaded issues can be viewed both online and offline, in portrait or landscape mode. The app comes with handy functions to make your reading experience more enjoyable, such as bookmarks and global search.

Each issue is provided with a clear index of the articles. Need to switch between apps while reading an article? No problem, the app remembers where you stopped so you can continue seamlessly.

Watch additional content like videos inside the app.

Demo: Install the Java Tech Journal on your Android device and test a demo issue today!



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