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Java Tech Journal #13 – eXtreme Programming: Is It Still Relevant?

Chris Mayer

The latest issue of Java Tech Journal – the free PDF magazine that delves deeper into a topic from within the Java ecosystem, is available now to download for FREE.

Java Tech Journal is the digital-only magazine covering all the hot topics for Java and Eclipse developers. Each issue deep dives into one topic, be it the Scala pro gramming language or Agile development. The magazine provides an insight into emerging trends in the Java universe, and offers best practices for established technologies on a monthly basis.

This issue focuses on eXtreme Programming and whether it’s still relevant to us. At first glace, it appears that the methodology has long been left in the late 1990’s in the advent of the newer methods of Agile and Scrum. So why don’t we talk about eXtreme Programming anymore?

In this issue of Java Tech Journal –

  • eXtreme Programming: In The Zone – Chris Jones gives us an introduction to eXtreme Programming and shares his advice on how to get the most out of applying this approach to your own projects
  • Key Process Patterns - Gojko Adzic presents effective patterns for software development from around the world!
  • Succeeding With and Sustaining TDD - Jeff Langr tells us how to get the most out of TDD
  • Software Design: the Endangered Lessons of eXtreme Programming - Laurent Bossavite asks is XP still relevant?
  • Xtreme Programming: An Obituary - Doug Rosenberg provides a eulogy for XP!

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