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Java + Python: Jython 2.7 beta 3 has arrived

JAXenter Editorial Team

The latest version of Jython, the Python language written in Java, brings CPython compatibility and the popular Requests HTTP library.

The world just got a little bit better for all of us that want to code in Python but still have to use Java. Version 2.7 beta 3 of Jython – an implementation of the Python programming language written in Java – has arrived, bringing with it three interesting new features.

Aside from the usual bug fixes, this version includes the reimplementation of socket/select/ssl on Netty 4. On top of that, Requests (a.k.a. “HTTP for humans”) now works in Jython. Requests is an Apache2-licensed HTTP library that is written in Python and already internally used by dozens of major tech companies like Amazon, Google, Twitter and SoundCloud.  

According to blog post by project lead Frank Wierzbicki announcing the update, the main focus of the new Jython version is to make it compatible with CPython. This means, as Wierzbicki explains, that “this release of Jython can run more pure Python apps than any previous release.” The language level compatibility of Jython Version 2.7 beta 3 was increased to be on par with CPython 2.7.

Finally the package administration PIP (or “Pip Installs Python”) should only run in Jython 2.7, or at least in the Custom Branch. You can find a full list of features and bug fixes here.

Java + Python

Jython, formerly known as JPython, has been around for over ten years and allows the successful implementation of Python programs on JVM. Licensed under the Python Software Foundation, this JVM language complies with .class and is multi threaded. Java Classes can also be advanced in Jython.

Python has recently replaced Java as the number one programming language in introductory courses in US universities, putting Jython (as a mixture of the two top-ranked languages) in a good position.

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