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Java Predictions for 2012 – the rise of Android and DevOps?


John Stevenson offers three predictions for the year ahead

The rise and rise of DevOps

Coined by Patric Debois, DevOps sees teams trying to become much more effective at deploying software into production – creating a streamlined and managed build pipeline.  

Understanding how to create great build piplelines has been around here and there but next year

its time to go mainstream as more and more companies look to become more competitive in a tighter economy.

Quad core mobile computing

Developers have had quad core Macs for the last year or so, now its time for the mobile sector to make use of this technology.  Tablets will come into their own with Quad core ARM Cortex chips and this will bleed over into the latest mobile phones.  The main reason for quad core in mobile is to have the power without the heat and battery drain of a faster CPU.  It will be interesting to see if the extra cores become an OS or an application designers challenge.

Android on the rise

If Oracle cant slow down Android, then perhaps nothing will.  Whilst I dont see a resolution happening over the Java lawsuit next year, Android popularity looks sure to rise.  With Android 4 as a new years present in devices like the Asus Terminator Prime, the future looks very robotic…



John is the UK ambassador for Atlassian and active organiser of several communities in London. He runs workshops and speaks on technical topics including open source projects, developer tools, continuous delivery, TDD & BDD practices and declarative (functional) programming (Clojure). John also presents on kanban as a way to help individuals, teams and organisations become more effective. He is a strong advocate of group learning and encourages others to get involved with the community for their own personal growth.

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