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Java performance measurement tool Satoris goes live

Lucy Carey

Version 1.0, which promises to fifty times faster than competitor NewRelic, as well as a potential IoT asset, now available for download.

It’s a pretty bold move to claim that your new tool can outperform one of the biggest players in the space, but Jinspired have done just that with the launch of Satoris 1.0, a new bit of software designed for Java performance measurement. You can get a free Community Edition download here.

Interestingly, Satoris has a simplified Open API, which is geared towards bringing software analytics to any internet connected device – offering tantalising solutions for Internet of Things projects.

With the Open API open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license, Jinspired’s hope is that the Java community (as well as other JVM language users) will help standardize the software for instrumenting applications and libraries.

In the future, the company plans to port a similar Open API to other languages and runtimes, in the hopes that they can be integrated into “a hugely scalable near real-time software simulation engine for the ultimate in distributed systems monitoring including the “internet of things”.”

According to Jinspired, Satoris, which is designed specifically for parallel and distributed infrastructures, as well as cloud environments, is the company’s highest performance measurement solution to date.

In fact, so confident are Jinspired of the superiority of the new release, they’re claiming that Satoris is capable of scaling a whole fifty times faster than rival NewRelic.

Unit cost per measured instrumented method call

In terms of scalability, Jinspired also reckon that Satoris is more than leading the pack when pitted against other major Java application performance monitoring (APM) solutions.

Citing benchmarking tests carried out by the company, Jinspired states that most APM software has “inherent scalability issues” when the number of threads and computing cores increase. Satoris however offers “near linear scalability” even with additional data collection and statistical analysis of the metering measurements performed.

Jinspired certainly has big ambitions for this release, stating, “We have long replicated data, it is now time for behavior to be similarly pushed beyond its borders – simultaneous replicated simulation.” So far there have only been the smallest of ripples around Satoris, but, with IoT focused communities growing all the time, there’s clearly the potential for this software to catch fire as the tech develops.

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