search was ‘harming the Maven reputation.’


The Maven Repository Rescue Mission – which will take place on Tuesday 5th March 2010 – is still making waves in the blogosphere. The latest in a string of names pledging their support to the Rescue Mission, is James Lorenzen, the Senior Consultant at Accenture.

He takes a very grim view of the current architecture at’s repository, claiming it was “harming the Maven reputation.” He backs this up with his own experience of the repository: “when we open sourced our 4 JBI (Java Business Integration) Components their home existed on and we used their maven repo. It was difficult to upload anything and it seemed to be constantly down.”

He doesn’t see the Rescue Mission just benefiting Maven users, but also everyone who uses “dependency management tools that are built on top of maven repos” in their day-to-day development life. He hopes the new repository infrastructure will bring a new era of standardisation, making it easier for developers to locate repositories containing the artifacts they’re looking for.

He is also a big fan of Sonatype’s proposal to support artifacts, SNAPSHOTs, and a staging repo in order to test things out before they’re officially released. Sonatype is also offering to sync up release artifacts into the Maven Central repository.

For more information on Sonatype’s OSS Repository Hosting, please see their website.

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