search Rescue Mission Gains Support Amongst the Community


The Maven Repository rescue mission, courtesy of Sonatype, is gaining momentum.

The team behind Hudson, have revealed that they’re looking into moving the monitoring tool to the Nexus OSS instance. “For most smaller projects, this should be a no-brainer. Problems with the Maven repository are legendary and Sonatype’s OSS Nexus repository is a great alternative,” reads a post at the official Hudson weblog.

Director of the Technology Group at Roundbox Global, Les Hazelwood has also come out in support of the initiative. “It is no stretch to say that’s Maven infrastructure (or lack thereof) is the worst I’ve encountered in a project hosting environment,” he begins, before enthusing that Sonatype’s offer of help could offer “a big benefit to those ( projects.”

The rescue mission begins on 5th March, 2010.

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