Daily Roundup Projects Now on Sonatype’s Central Repository

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Google Enterprise President joins GoodData board, and Spring Framework 3.0.6 released. Projects – Now on Sonatype’s Central Repository

Sonatype have announced a partnership with Oracle that brings projects to the Sonatype Central Repository. This migration was achieved through a hosted version of Sonatype Pro for Nexus, which was donated to the community by Sonatype. projects can now automate and synchronise their projects artifacts to the Central Repository, and developers can download the necessary artifacts from projects via Apache Maven.


“Developers now have access to components directly from the Central Repository, requiring no debugging or additional configurations. Enterprise development teams will see faster builds, fewer integration problems and improved control of software component usage,” said Jason van Zyl, CTO and Founder of Sonatype.

Spring Framework 3.0.6 Released

Version 3.0.6 of the Spring Framework, has been released. This release restores support for String-to-ContextResource conversion, alongside the original GenericConversionService behaviour regarding empty collections/maps. The original FormattingConversionService behaviour has also been restored. An “acceptProxyClasses” flag has been added to RemoteInvocationSerializingExporter, and the WebLogic RMI descriptor has been refined to only mark ‘getTargetInterfaceName’ method as idempotent. There is also a list of bug fixes. More information is available at the Changelog.

New Release of Java Handlers Project

A new release of the Lombok project, which adds “handlers” to Java, is now available. In 0.10, Lombok can generate a getter that will calculate a value the first time this getter is called, and then cache it for future reference. This is particularly useful if calculating the value takes a lot of CPU, or a lot of memory. There is also a new @Delegate annotation, which allows Lombok to generate delegate methods that forward the call to the annotated field. Version 0.10 also introduces support for the ‘val’ immutable variable that infers its type from the right hand side of the initialising expression. Please note that val works on local variables and on foreach loops only, and not on fields. More information on the new features in 0.10 is available at the Changelog.


Google Enterprise President Joins GoodData Board

Google Enterprise President, Dave Girouard, and John O’Farrell, the general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, have both joined GoodData’s board of directors. According to the press release, Girouard will advise GoodData on product development, service delivery and sales of cloud services.

In related news, GoodData have just completed a $15 million round of funding. According to the press release, GoodData will use this new funding to “disrupt the $25 billion business intelligence and data warehousing market and continue to seamlessly connect business people to business data.”


On the Road to JavaFX 2.0

A new beta build of JavaFX is out now. Build 40 focuses on performance improvements, and introduces performance improvements to CSS and controls performance. It can be downloaded now from the JavaFX Developer Downloads webpage.

New Cross-Platform Meme IDE

Meme Apps have launched a beta of Meme IDE, a new cross-platform tool for developing and managing business apps. Meme IDE is based on Eclipse, and integrates vendor SDKs with its Meme Script programming syntax. It offers drag and drop building, and a cross-platform screen designer that allows users to view their apps on different devices while they build. Users can deploy Windows Mobile 6.5 apps to Android, with Blackberry and iPhone to follow in future releases.

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