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Java for iOS? Gluon Client plugins support Java & JavaFX on iOS devices

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Java enters uncharted territory: iOS devices. Gluon is working on bringing Java development to iOS devices with Gluon Mobile. The Gluon client plugin now offers configurations for running Java 11+ apps on iOS devices (or the iPhone simulator).

Java on iOS devices? The latest news from Gluon (Java on iOS, for real) announces that the Gluon client plugin now offers configurations for running Java 11+ and Java FX apps on iOS devices (or the iPhone simulator).

With Gluon Mobile, developers can create iOS and Android apps in Java, taking advantage of a language and ecosystem they are already familiar with in order to perform operations. Gluon Mobile provides UI control for the client application, handles communication with the server-side cloud and third-party services, and abstracts the platform-specific APIs. Gluon Client tools can generate a native executable for iOS devices.

Java on iOS

The Gluon client plugin, from the documentation:

The Gluon Client plugin leverages GraalVM, OpenJDK and JavaFX 11+, by compiling into native code the Java Client application and all its required dependencies, so it can directly be executed as a native application on the target platform.

One of the advantages is a much faster startup time, as we don’t need the JVM to start anymore. The resulting application will be entirely integrated with the native operating system.

The Gluon Client plugin comes in two flavors, depending if you are a Maven or a Gradle user.

This software is currently in its beta phase and is under active development.

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Gluon Mobile deploys to all platforms privately or via available app stores.  It uses GraalVM native builds on iOs. According to the announcement post, future work includes tools, build performance, and configuration.

The project leverages products that developers should already have familiarity with, including OpenJDK and OpenJFX.

Read the Gluon Mobile documentation and find out more about Java on mobile devices.

Start with Gluon

Here’s the rundown for open source developers. Gluon offers a potential open source license for its products. However, it does not offer open source for all.

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The license request comes with a few stipulations that a project must meet first. The project must be at least 3 months old, in active development, and have a regularly updated website and builds. Devs must continuously renew the license annually.

Interested developers should inquire about the open source license here.

View the samples on GitHub. The getting start guide lists the requisites you will need and how to begin.

What do you think about this? Should developers create iOS apps in Java? Will you test it out?

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ACL IT Academy
ACL IT Academy
2 years ago

Hi Sarah , A informative blog from you to read and learn about Java and IoS. Thanks for the Blog. Java is a high-level programming language and powerful software platform. Would like to read more such blogs from you in coming time.
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2 years ago

Nope, the compilation of Gluon is damn slow , it is not yet recommended for cross-platform development.
Hope they fix this serious problem