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Java EE developers: Your voice is needed! Jakarta EE survey open until March 25

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Want to help Jakarta EE? Then take the Jakarta EE Developer Survey, from the home of open source cloud native Java. Your input is needed in order to help measure the current ecosystem and what Jakarta EE needs to add in the future. Data from this annual survey will be released to the public.

Java EE developers, Jakarta EE needs you!

From now until March 25th, 2019, the Jakarta EE Working Group is surveying Java EE developers. Take the Jakarta EE 2019 Developer Survey and let yourself be heard.

This annual survey gathers insight into enterprise and cloud native programming languages, platforms, and infrastructure. Afterwards, key findings will release to the public.

2019 developer survey

The survey is fairly short, with an estimated length of less than 8 minutes, consisting of 23 questions. Organized by the Jakarta EE Working Group, the survey hopes to help understanding the current ecosystem.

Paul Buck, VP Community Development at the Eclipse Foundation wrote about opening up this survey to developers:

The Jakarta EE Working Group is launching the Jakarta EE Developer Survey for 2019. This is an annual survey that delivers valuable insight into enterprise and cloud native programming languages, platforms, and infrastructure. As always, the results will be shared with everyone. You can find the insights and key findings from the survey we did in 2018.

Take the survey here.

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It asks several demographic questions, as well as queries about your programming language usage, cloud native architectures and applications, container usage, and open source software foundation participation.

Community results

Surveys such as this one often reveal useful data, insights, and global trends that we love to extrapolate and discuss. They give valuable insight. It helps show what the community wants and includes helpful criticisms and wishes for the platform. This can help the platform move in a different direction thanks to community guidance.

Last year we took a lot at the data collected in 2018. The results showed that the community wanted the platform to support cloud-native development and a faster pace of innovation on the platform.

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The 2018 results also showed that when it comes to evolving Jakarta EE, the community wished for better microservices support and integration with Kubernetes. Has Jakarta EE achieved these wishes in 2019?

Last year, survey participants cited stability as the most common reason for using Java EE. Meanwhile, the most challenging aspect of working with it was its large memory requirements. Will the pros and cons still be the same this year?

See the full 2018 data report from Jakarta EE here.

Don’t forget to take the survey and make your input count.

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