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Java EE 8 will not include Configuration JSR for Java EE applications

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Reza Rahman confirms the announcement made earlier in the week by Anatole Tresch of Credit Suisse and encourages a search for other options.

It has been confirmed that Configuration JSR for Java EE applications will definitely not be a part of Java EE 8. What was first revealed by Anatole Tresch of Credit Suisse, has now been confirmed by Reza Rahman, a Java EE Evangelist at Oracle. In a blog post Reza highlighted the alternatives.

JAVA EE Configuration

Configuration JSR should make it possible for Java EE applications to centrally manage different components and installation time. The initiator Credit Suisse has pulled out of financing this project, mainly because of disagreements over long-term support services for the reference implementation and the associated Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

“It will be postponed for an indefinite period” writes Reza Rahman before thanking Anatole Tresch once more for his efforts. The Configuration JSR would have been one of the few that would have been realized by a non-Java EE vendor. Reza notes that JSR also found support from Oracle and a management duo could have been developed.


Anyway, instead of singing the blues, Rahman is encouraging the community to think about alternative ways to improve the configuration of Java EE applications. Even if JSR is not established, the individual projects could still be useful.

Reza lists examples: the <alt-dd> tag, the CDI annotation @Alternative, the JSF configuration by Project Stages or corresponding features in Delta Spike Core which could be developed. In particular, he advertises functions in Maven such as Profiles and Replacer. However, these are of course only available at build stages and a comprehensive Java EE configuration should also refer to the deployment and runtime.

The issue of Java EE configuration will still be discussed at JavaOne (Sep 28 until Oct 2). Anatole Tresch has promised to remain faithful to the issue – even if he will not receive enough support from his employer to make significant code contributions. Who’s going to jump in here?

Shoes image via Shutterstock

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