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Java code coverage tool EclEmma 2.1 released

Chris Mayer

The latest version of the Eclipse analysis plugin is here – with a new technique dubbed ‘differential code coverage’ advocated

Eclipse plugin, EclEmma has received its first update of the year as EclEmma 2.1 has been made generally available. The Java Code Coverage (JaCoCo) tool offers a rich and non-invasive quick analysis to the Eclipse workbench, meaning Eclipse fanatics can visualise JUnit tests directly whilst they are working, as coverage results are immediately summarised and highlighted in the Java source code editors.

EclEmma 2.1 brings in a few changes, most notably that for long-running processes intermediate coverage data dumps can now be collected without terminating the application under test. This feature allows so called differential code coverage, a technique proposed by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood in her paper Reducing Code Navigation Effort with Differential Code Coverage.

As well as this, there’s a new editor for JaCoCo execution data files and the Coverage view option Hide Unused Types has been generalised to Hide Unused Elements.

EclEmma first appeared back in 2006 and was the first open source Eclipse plugin to offer comprehensive Java code coverage. Although originally inspired by and technically based on the EMMA library developed by Vlad Roubtsov, EclEmma is now based on the JaCoCo code coverage library, as of version 2.0 which was released in December.

EclEmma 2.1 is available under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) and can be downloaded free of charge via the project page. There’s also the online help documentation.

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