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Java code analyser Sonar 3.1 released

Chris Mayer

One of Java’s code quality kings gets a welcome update, now featuring a snazzy dashboard look

An update to one of Java’s most respected code quality managers has arrived in the release of Sonar 3.1, bringing with it new important features.

This marks the first update to the third series of Sonar, after April’s huge reshuffle internally to offer both Professional and Enterprise versions. 

New features include the addition of global dashboards at the instance level, giving a greater sense of control over everyone’s recent activity. Any widget can be added here too. There’s three types of dashboard on offer, each filtering different things – ‘My Favourites’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Treemap’. Below shows the ‘Helicopter View’, which pulls in a number of resources, and Treemap.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to create violations directly on unit tests, whilst Java developers will be able to use PMD rules dedicated to JUnit tests. Plugins now only require a Single Sign-On for user authentication, with the new user automatically created in Sonar with email, name and default group provided.

Another interesting addition is integration with Java bug exterminator, FindBugs 2.0, upgrading things with 24 new rules for Java source code. Creating and tracking JIRA issues related to a coding violation is even easier now, thanks to the release of the JIRA plugin version 1.0.

It’s a welcome update for Sonar as it continue down its third series – check out all the changes here in a screenshot blogpost.

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