Oracle's First Java Core Release

Java 7 is Here!

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle announce the first new release of the core Java platform since they acquired Sun.

After years of waiting, Java 7 has been released! Not only is this the first version of Java for several years, it’s also the first release of the core Java platform since Oracle acquired Sun.

This release contains:

  • JSR 334 – new language features, as part of Project Coin. This includes strings in switch statements, try-with-resources statements, and improved type inference for generic instance creation.
  • JSR 292 – support for dynamic languages, such as Ruby, Python and JavaScript. The JVM, the Java language, and the Java SE API have been extended to support the implementation of dynamically-typed languages, targeting performance levels close to that of Java itself.
  • JSR 166 – a new multicore-ready API.
  • JSR 203 – new I/O APIs. The java.nio.file package and its related package, java.nio.file.attribute, provide support for file I/O and for accessing the file system.

At the release announcement, Oracle state that “With years of hard work from our dedicated engineers, the largest team ever to work on the Java language and platform, as well as valuable input from the Java community, we are moving Java forward with this release.”

The update can be downloaded now from the Oracle website.

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