Java 6 Update 18 Released With Windows 7 Support


Java 6 Update 18 of the Java SE Development Kit is now available for download.

Update 18 features support for Windows 7, along with bug fixes and version 16.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine. Update 18 is packaged with Visual VM 1.2, the latest version of the Java profiling tool. VisualVM 1.2 introduces new charts with dynamic tooltips, public charts API for plug-ins, and user interface for customizing SSL certificates in Options dialog.

Update 18 upgrades the Apache Derby SQL database, JavaDB,to version 10.5.3, introducing generated columns, in-memory back end and service-tag aware installers.

The final milestone of JDK 7 is expected in September, but a Preview Release of JDK 7 Milestone 5, is currently available for download from the Early Access section of Sun’s website, for those who want to get a sneak preview.


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