Jaspersoft Join Eclipse Foundation

Jaspersoft Release New Eclipse-Based Report Designer

Jessica Thornsby

Jaspersoft announce Jasper Studio, a new report designer for JasperReports and JasperReports Server.

Jaspersoft have released Jaspersoft Studio, a new Eclipse-based report designer for JasperReports and JasperReports Server.

Jaspersoft Studio allows developers to build reports and then share them through the open source JasperReports Server project. Reports can be designed and distributed accessing various data sources, including relational databases, flat files and NoSQL databases. Jaspersoft Studio is a port of iReport on top of the Eclipse platform, meaning that reports can be edited using both Jaspersoft Studio and iReport report designers.

“Jaspersoft Studio is designed to create a richer BI experience for the Eclipse community. Now, when a developer wants to deploy or secure a BI report, they can do it with our server without requiring a costly commercial license,” said Guilio Toffoli, Founder and Lead Architect of iReport at Jaspersoft.

Jaspersoft Studio can be downloaded from now. A commercially supported version of Jaspersoft Studio is scheduled for release early next year.

In addition to releasing JasperSoft Studio, the company also announced they have become an official member of the Eclipse Foundation.

“The Eclipse community gets stronger with each new member who contributes innovative and functional software. Jaspersoft is a top open source company and we’re excited to welcome them into the Eclipse Community. We look forward to new tools and the expertise they can add in the business intelligence arena,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation.

The Eclipse Foundation’s Ian Skerrett has also welcomed JasperSoft and recent new official member CloudBees, pointing out that, although both companies are associated with open source projects that compete with Eclipse projects, Eclipse pride themselves on “being a vendor-neutral community….If you want to use Jaspersoft for your BI needs then having Jaspersoft Studio integrated with Eclipse is only goodness for the community.”

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