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Jaspersoft form Hadoop Partner ecosystem, Cloudera & Hortonworks sign up

Chris Mayer

The time is now for Hadoop and the enterprise – business intelligence suite makers Jaspersoft announce big partnership with the kingmakers of Big Data

Business intelligence experts Jaspersoft have spent the past few months on somewhat of a community-focused offensive.

Having already enticed the two big cloud platform players in VMware’s Cloud Foundry and Red Hat’s OpenShift, there was always a greater clamouring for Big Data companies to come knocking.

With big data analytics becoming big business in this real-time driven world, there’s a lengthy queue of vendors forming, all seeking a dedicated BI provider as part of their stack. Now it appears Jaspersoft are ready to enter the Big Data race, unveiling their Hadoop Partner ecosystem. Getting two heavyweights signed up, in Cloudera and Hortonworks, right off the bat isn’t a bad start.

The linkup to the Hadoop vendors, whose interest was likely piqued by Jaspersoft’s commitment through the Big Data Index, represents a huge draw for Jaspersoft in their long-term strategy

Karl van den Bergh, Vice President, Product and Alliances at Jaspersoft, confirmed as much to us back in April that Jaspersoft’s key goal was “to become the preferred BI provider for Big Data, both in the open source developer world as well as for the enterprise.” With two names synonymous with Hadoop professing love for the BI suite, the community should theoretically follow suit.

Users can now call upon and integrate a number of new analytic reporting options, such as Informatica’s HParser and Talend’s Open Studio for Big Data.

“Our business users all want powerful, simple reporting tools for the data they store in Apache Hadoop. Connecting the Jaspersoft reporting engine directly to Hadoop makes it easy for analysts to use both their source data and the results of their analytics jobs.” said CEO of Cloudera, Mike Olson.

Eric Baldeschwieler, CTO of Hortonworks added: “Jaspersoft’s industry-leading reporting, analysis, and dashboard products, together with the Hortonworks Data Platform, make it easy and cost-effective for customers to derive maximum insights and value from their largest data stores. We’re delighted to partner with them to create additional value for customers.”

It’s clear that Hadoop has finally overcome the hurdle of worming its way into the environment of big companies after a lengthy gestation period. However, there are still teething issues when adopting the technology, something which Cloudera and Hortonworks are very much aware of. Bringing Jaspersoft’s BI suite into the mix eases the transition for those who have limited understanding of obtaining analytics from the Hadoop platform.

“We’re delighted to see how expansive Hadoop-based solutions have become. The volume of Hadoop Big Data users is growing rapidly across the globe,” said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. “With the growing use of Hadoop-based Big Data systems, Jaspersoft has focused on building a strong partner ecosystem to help deliver more value to business and IT users in managing and processing large volumes of data in combination with reporting tools.”

A recent Jaspersoft survey that looked into early enterprise Hadoop use found that 53% of respondents have deployed or are developing a Hadoop-based solution. More importantly, 77% said they were thinking of doing so in the next six months, which shows you the creation of a Hadoop ecosystem on the cusp of a big moment for Hadoop adoption.

Hadoop alone is not enough: you need a rock solid storage system working in conjunction. Whilst 82% of those questioned used Hadoop’s file system HDFS, the onus falls to the other Big Data projects to really attain worth from it all.

Interestingly, NoSQL database MongoDB appears to the technology of choice with 30% of respondents using it. Whilst it might not be a majority, it’s a sizable chunk when you consider all the non-relational options available, and the enterprise still hanging onto relational databases.

For Jaspersoft, the announcement of an Hadoop ecosystem further cements their vow to Big Data and their commitment to providing greater analytic options within it. By the sounds of it, they’ve picked the perfect time to launch it.

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