Gosling's Free Java Campaign

James Gosling Warns of Blade Runner Future

Jessica Thornsby

James Gosling offers members of the press a free meal, if they can get a straight answer out of Oracle.

In James Gosling’s latest blog, he advises the developer community to keep up the pressure on Oracle to “free Java” – or else we might all end up in the dystopia of Blade Runner.

“ With every line of code we engineers write, we have to ask ourselves: does this move us closer to the world of Star Trek, or of Blade Runner? I, for one, would rather not live in the Blade Runner universe, and yet that’s what we’re sliding into building,” Gosling warns, in his latest blog post. He also expresses concerns over the growing control of Google and social media sites like Facebook.

As part of his campaign to keep the pressure on Oracle, Gosling makes the promise of a free dinner anywhere in the Bay Area, for any member of the press who can get a “straight, reasonable, intellectually defensible official answer from Oracle to the question of why their demand for the creation of an independent Java Foundation applied to Sun, but now doesn’t apply to Oracle.”

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