Father of Java onboard

James Gosling joins AWS-aspiring Eucalyptus as ‘Strategic Advisor’

Chris Mayer

The father of Java will advise the AWS-compatible company on matters of performance and scalability.

The father of Java, James Gosling, has today joined open source cloud computing firm Eucalyptus as ‘Strategic Advisor.’

Gosling, who is recognised as the original designer of the object-oriented programming language, will help guide the future direction of the company which builds AWS-compatible private and hybrid clouds. 

Eucalyptus appear to settling on Java as the basis for the platform moving forward. The former Sun Microsystems VP believes the company “broke new ground” in 2008 “by creating the first private cloud software platform in the world,” and sees Java as the perfect fit for the cloud.

“Eucalyptus is a highly sophisticated system based on a set of web services written in Java for robustness and performance,” he explained in a press release. “As a strategic advisor, I’ll be actively engaging with the architects of Eucalyptus to advance deeply complex issues of software design for the modern cloud world.”

In March 2012, Eucalyptus struck a deal with Amazon Web Services, allowing users to migrate workloads between Eucalyptus’ private clouds and AWS. In return, AWS extended the compatibility of Eucalyptus’ AWS APIs.

Since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009, Gosling has focused mostly on his role as Chief Software Architect at Liquid Robotics, creating a number of ocean-dwelling robots. However, he has taken on a number of advisory roles, notably at Typesafe and at another cloud startup Cumulogic, which was created by a number of ex-Sun Microsystems employees. Curiously, Cumulogic are also keen to follow the AWS route, pivoting their PaaS back in March to offer AWS-style services.

Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos believes the arrival of Gosling will “advance Eucalyptus performance and scalability to new heights”.

“Eucalyptus and its users will benefit from his unique ability to perfect the design and architecture of highly complex systems. We are deeply honored to have an esteemed technologist like James on our team,” said the former MySQL CEO and Sun Microsystems employee.

The AWS-aspiring cloud company is in an intriguing position, with infrastructure alternatives such as OpenStack continuing to draw admirers and CloudStack beginning life at Apache. If pushed in the correct manner, Eucalyptus’ ties to AWS could see it become a contender. Attaining the services of the original designer of Java is a pretty big coup, although a cynic might see this as a PR attempt, using Gosling’s star power to boost another ex-Sun led company.

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