Java Ajax Component

ItsNat 1.0 Released with New Full Remote Control Mode

Jessica Thornsby

ItsNat open source Java Ajax Component based web framework reaches 1.0.

ItsNat version 1.0 is out now, with a new Full Remote Control mode for sharing pages by many users.

ItsNat is an open source Java Ajax Component based web framework, which leverages pure (X)HTML templates and pure Java W3C DOM in an effort to provide a more “natural” approach to web development. ItsNat also provides web-continuations, user defined events, timers, asynchronous long running server tasks and COMET.

In the new Full Remote Control mode, the state of a page is controlled on the server, so several viewers can share the “same” page. Any action performed by a user is displayed for all the other users, and Comet or Ajax based timers can be solicited to automatically update the client page.