Java a No-Go for Enterprise App Devs?

Is It Time for Enterprise Apps to Escape Java?

Jessica Thornsby

Mike Gualtieri has written that all innovations in Java are constrained by the underlying platform, and it’s time for the enterprise to move on.

Mike Gualtieri thinks it’s time for enterprise application development teams to escape Java. His reasons include the fact that any innovations within the realm of programming languages (Groovy, JRuby etc.) are always going to be constrained by JVM compatibility. He is also unhappy with Java’s presentation layer, calling Swing a “nightmare” and JavaFX a “failure.” To him, even the Java frameworks “reveal Java’s deficiencies rather than its strengths,” and he isn’t convinced that the acquisition will shake up the platform, as he sees Oracle’s policies as a continuation of Sun’s.

So, what’s the way forward? He already sees enterprise application development teams utilising a combination of tools and technologies to overcome Java’s ‘shortcomings,’ such as BPM and the Lotus collaboration suite. However, these tools have their limitations and none of them provide a feasible alternative to Java development. He believes a “next generation of app dev tools” is on the horizon.

“Application development teams should create a 3-year application development strategy and roadmap to include architecture, process, tools, and technology. All options and trends should be put on the table and up for discussion. Development platforms are not the only items to consider. Cloud computing and mobile, to name a few, are other trends that must factor into your new strategy,” is his closing advice.

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